Rio+20 Day 2: A Storify Recap

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    On the agenda today are “roundtables” among heads of state to discuss how to implement the much-criticized Rio 20 agreement released on Tuesday. Of particular concern: how to finance sustainable development initiatives.
    But first, attention was diverted to flashier gatherings. 
    Indigenous peoples from Brazil and five other countries converged on the People’s Summit, which runs parallel to Rio 20, in Flamengo Park.
  2. They released a declaration condemning the summit, held on the opposite side of the city: “The Green Economy is a crime against humanity and the Earth,” the text said. “In order to achieve sustainable development, states must recognize the traditional systems of resource management of the Indigenous Peoples that have existed for the millennia.”
  3. Images and video emerged of a protest march of an estimated 50,000 people that shut down the streets of downtown Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday. The march featured costumes, dramatic displays, and even nudity.
  4. Elsewhere, a large, celebrity-backed campaign to ‘save the Arctic’ was launched at a news conference. Richard Branson, Paul McCartney and Ed Norton, a UN goodwill ambassador for biodiversity, were among the stars backing Greenpeace’s campaign to establish a UN resolution to establish protections in the Arctic against oil drilling and unsustainable fishing.
  5. The hashtag #savethearctic became a trending topic on Twitter, in part due to Liam Payne of the British band One Direction.
  6. Barbara_Bruno77
    RT @BLesanner: Sir Richard Branson, Lucy Lawless, Clayton Thomas and Kumi Naidoo in presseconference to #SavetheArctic
    Fri, Jun 22 2012 08:31:24
  7. Gracie_Megan
    RT @Real_Liam_Payne: if you love polar bears like me then you need to look at this too #SaveTheArctic
    Fri, Jun 22 2012 11:36:36
  8. tlynne52
    RT @RealLucyLawless: If we catch a wave of awareness with the kids, we can #savethearctic, save ourselves and maybe take back our governments in the process
    Fri, Jun 22 2012 11:27:37
  9. euphonioushoney
    RT @AnnieLennox: Declare the Arctic off limits to oil drilling, industrial fishing and conflict. #savethearctic via @greenpeace
    Fri, Jun 22 2012 11:34:16
  10. The issue of gender equality and the empowerment of women also came into the spotlight later in the day when Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff appeared with Michelle Bachelet, the head of UN Women, and Gro Harlem Brundtland, the Former Prime Minister of Norway and advisor to Ban Ki-moon on climate change.
  11. As various leaders have publicly declared the text of the agreement locked down, many wondered all afternoon what the heads of state were really doing.
  12. WWF
    World Leaders: We didn’t elect & pay you to come to #RioPlus20 for the beaches. You must secure our future. Signed, #YourTaxpayers
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 01:48:21
  13. jaybutcher
    RT @1LauraTaylor: What on earth are leaders going to get up to in @RioPlus20 if they’re not prepared to negotiate for a stronger text?
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 11:52:21
  14. The Guardian gained some insight into the roundtable meetings form an unnamed diplomat: “They meet for about three hours a day. But even in those meetings, all they are doing is prepared speeches, rather than, say, rolling up sleeves and making major changes to the text or how it will be implemented.”
  15. Outside RioCentro, the convention center housing the summit, the protests continued as activists staged a ripping-up of the agreement text and civil society groups walked out of the official talks.
  16. tcktcktck
    Why youth led an Earth Summit walk-out, and are ready to fight in the real world: #Rioplus20 #Riofail @BillMcKibben
    Fri, Jun 22 2012 12:20:07
  17. Two small but bright lights of hope that action could come out of the summit: First, the UN Development Programme released a “conceptual framework” to measure the progress of sustainable development.
  18. LizFordGuardian
    @UNDP launched its ‘conceptual framework’ to measure sustainable dev at #RioPlus20 today #globaldev
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 12:22:52
  19. one_sam
    Universal access to energy: Getting the framework right | Veerle Vandeweerd | UNDP:
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 08:55:23
  20. Late in the day Thursday, the leaders of Brazil and China announced a partnership agreement between the two countries to work on a 10-year plan for development.
  21. The deal involved commitments to invest in mining, technological innovation, aviation and infrastructure in each country as growth has slowed on both sides, as well as an agreement of currency swaps of as much as $29.46 billion.
  22. On Friday, government leaders and other parties are expected to sign on to the agreement document, and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be scheduled to speak. Tune in to the developments at the UN’s live stream.

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